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About SaMBa

Medical Information and Image Processing are experiencing an accelerated growth worldwide in the past decade and are reaching all parts of the world. In particular, Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Latin America, which have a long and rich history of academic and clinical institutions, are addressing a variety of healthcare challenges, both general and specific to the region. The academic communities in these countries have been growing and have attended and organized a growing number of regional and international conferences and meetings.

In this context, the International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis (SIPAIM) is a yearly event held in various Latin American cities. Its main goal is bringing together medical and biomedical researchers from the region with a strong interest in image and signal analysis.

SIPAIM is a non-profit foundation promoting research and academic activities in the field of medical information management and imaging by bringing together scientists, engineers, physicians, surgeons, educators and students mainly, although not exclusively, from Latin American countries.

Through these events, SIPAIM managed to stimulate the emergence of a growing Latin American network related to medical and biomedical information. We are convinced that including the MICCAI community - with its traditional ingenuity and brilliance - in these discussions will help pave the way to a whole set of new scientific challenges, models and solutions.


  • Medical Image Computing
  • Medical and Biomedical Imaging
  • E-Health
  • Digital Pathology
  • Medical Procedures Workflow Analysis
  • Biosignals and Gait Analysis
  • Computer Aided Interventions
  • Analysis of Medical Procedures Through Imaging


This year, as a preview to MICCAI 2020 to be held in Lima, Perú, MICCAI will be having the first ever MICCAI-SIPAIM Workshop. Its purpose is to present success stories of science, research and innovation stemming from Latin America and to encourage the formation of international academic networks in biomedical research with a strong component in Medical Information Processing and international academic networks with the region’s experts. We intend to sustainably support this network and its spirit in coming years, both until MICCAI 2020 and beyond.

Come and join us for this exciting initiative!

Granada Conference Centre

Granada, Spain

Septermber 20, 2018

Our speakers


Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia.

Jorge Brieva

Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico.

Gustavo Carneiro

University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

Ignacio Larrabide

Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Important Dates

Paper submission Thursday June 14th 28th, 2018 (11:59pm PST)
Reviews Due Thursday July 5th 19th26th, 2018
Camera-ready MICCAI Submission Thursday August 9th, 2018


SaMBa: Sipaim – Miccai Biomedical Workshop

Two types of contributions will be considered as part of the workshop:

  • Extended abstracts: 1-2 pages covering recent published work, ongoing PhD theses, preliminary results and/or open problems, to be presented during short spotlight oral presentations and/or posters.

  • Long papers: 8 pages of original research work in the same format as the regular MICCAI paper. This type of contribution will be published in the workshop proceedings. For guidelines, see: MICCAI Submission Format Guidelines.

The proceedings of SaMBa 2018 will be published as part of the joint MICCAI Workshops proceedings with Springer (LNCS).

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Invited speakers from Latin America.
Poster session showcasing research done at or in collaboration with Latin America.
Panel session on research and collaboration opportunities in and with Latin America.


Organizing committee
  • Eduardo Romero - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogota, Colombia.
  • Natasha Lepore - Los Angeles Children and University of Southern California - USA.
  • Daniel Racoceanu - Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, San Miguel - Lima, Peru.
  • Leo Joskowicz - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel.
  • Alejandro Frangi - University of Sheffield - UK.
  • Jorge Brieva - Universidad Panamericana - Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Juan David García - Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogota, Colombia.

Program Committee
  • Carlos Alberola-López, Universidad de Valladolid - Spain.
  • Fernando Arambula, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - Mexico City.
  • Aurelio Campilho, University of Porto - Portugal.
  • Oscar Acosta, Université de Rennes 1 - France.
  • Manuel Desco, Universidad Carlos III - Spain.
  • Sebastian Graf, Universidad Favaloro - Argentina.
  • Alfredo Hernández, INSERM - France.
  • Marius Linguraru, Children's National Health System, Washington DC - USA.
  • Joan Marti, Universidad de Gerona - Spain.
  • Dehaes Mathieu, Université de Montréal - Canada.
  • Diana Mateus, Technical University of Munich - Germany.
  • Petia Radeva, Universidad de Barcelona - Spain.
  • Mauricio Reyes, University of Bern - Switzerland.
  • Rene Vidal, John Hopkins University - USA.
  • Demian Wasserman, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis - France.

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Natasha Lepore
Leo Joskowicz
Daniel Racoceanu