The Fundación por la Sociedad Internacional de Procesamiento y Análisis de la Información Médica or "SIPAIM Society" is a non-profit foundation created to promote research and academic activities in the field of medical information management and Imaging. Its main objective is to bring together scientists, engineers, physicians, surgeons, educators and students who may contribute and participate in its mission and activities. The forming members come mainly, although not exclusively, from Iberoamerican countries.

The Society is governed by an elected Board of Directors (the SIPAIM Board) with officers including a President, Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer. Society staff coordinators are appointed by the Board to help manage and conduct the various activities of the Society including managing membership, publications, public communications, and industrial relations.

The Society originated in the late 2000’s when a group of students and faculty at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and in Madrid, Spain, organized local workshops around topics related to medical information and image processing. These meetings eventually evolved into the International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis (SIPAIM) in 2009, and in the legal establishment of the society on March 6, 2015.