SIPAIM Conference

The SIPAIM Conference is an appropriate space to bring together researchers (both students and professionals-mainly related to Applied Research in Medicine) to communicate their results, developments and research experience and to promote the creation of technical and scientific collaboration networks. Previous editions of this event were focused on the field of Medical Images and associated technologies and applications. Since the year 2011, as a response to the increasing relevance of multi-modal information sources in medical applications, we have extended the symposium scope to research areas involving Biomedical Signals, Healthcare Informatics and Telemedicine, in addition to the original topic related to Medical Image Processing, Analysis and Interpretation.

This event is addressed to researchers, students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines including Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology and Health Sciences. The symposium will include keynote lectures by recognized experts on issues related to acquisition, digitization, visualization, processing, analysis and interpretation of medical information (biomedical signals, clinical data, diagnostic images, etc.). Contributions accepted by the symposium's Program Committee will be presented in oral or poster sessions. In addition, several tutorials related to the topic of the symposium will be offered to the attendees.