Faculty level scientists, engineers, physicians, surgeons, allied health professionals, students, post-doctoral trainees, and industry scientists with an interest in different areas related to the optimal management of medical information, namely e-health, biomedical signal processing, gait analysis, medical/biomedical image computing and any data fusion processing are invited to join the SIPAIM Society.

Reduced student fees seek to encourage their participation in the Society. This reduced fee is available by presenting a verifiable certificate or letter from their Head of Department confirming their student status at the moment the fee is paid.

Memberships are renewed during the year’s first semester and run for a year starting from the payment day. The standard SIPAIM Society subscription rate is 85 USD for full members (non-students) and 40 USD for students.

SIPAIM Society membership carries several benefits including:

  • Discounted annual SIPAIM Conference registration fees
  • Opportunity to serve on SIPAIM Committees or the Board
  • Eligibility to elect members to the SIPAIM Management Board.
  • Members of the Society have the opportunity to serve on Society committees, in staff positions and/or on the Board of Directors. While serving on the Board of Directors, they can be candidates for election to the Executive Committee as Society Officers. The SIPAIM Society email list of its members is generally not available for any purpose other than official SIPAIM Society operations.

Student members receive an extra discount over the conference’s student fee but are not allowed to serve on the Board.

Do you want to join us? Please use the payment buttons, below. Thanks in advance for your commitment!

Regular member (85 USD anually)

Student member (40 USD anually)

Institutional member (500 USD anually)