The list of topics and subtopics is shown below. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics.

Potential authors should not feel limited by the listed topics as it is not exhaustive. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in one of the six main topic areas:

Medical and Biomedical Imaging

Image Acquisition, Analysis and Interpretation

Multimodal Information Processing and Analysis

Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis

Image Registration

Image Segmentation

Image Reconstruction


E-health and Artificial Intelligence


Healthcare Information Systems (Multimodal Information Management)

Storage, Transmission and Access to Medical Information

Technology Integration

Medical Information Retrieval

Medical Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Digital Pathology

Quantitative Analysis and Interpretation

Histological Pattern Recognition and Perception

Models for Detection and Discrimination

Virtual Microscopy

Image indexing and retrieval

Cellular image analysis

Molecular/pathologic image analysis

Gait Analysis and Biosignals

Multiscale / Multiresolution


Bio-signal Modeling

Signal Acquisition, Analysis and Processing

Non-linear Dynamics

Signal Representation

Representation Based Signal Processing

Rehabilitation Systems

Tracking and Recognition for Rehabilitation Planning

Biomechanical Modelling

Technology Support in Sport and Physical Activity

Representation Based Biosignal Analysis

Sparse Representation

Signal/Image Generation and Reconstruction

Compressive Sensing

Dictionary Learning

Feature Learning

Unsupervised Learning

Analysis of Medical Procedures through Imaging

Visualization and Interaction

Multi-modality fusion

Dynamic, functional, physiologic and anatomic imaging

Imaging and analysis methods for surgery

Virtual reality for medical interventions

Physician-computer interfaces using virtual/mixed/augmented reality